How Are You Currently Spending Your Time?

And what changes need to be made for a better, happier you?

EVO Writing Prompt: 13Feb2019

I feel as though I spend all of my time fighting fires. Not literally obviously. I mean running from one thing to the next, doing the minimum amount of work needed to complete it before moving on to the next thing that needs my attention right this instance. It is exhausting. I get three or four hours of sleep. My health is suffering, and I am still falling behind on – well everything. I also am not spending enough time with those I care about and enjoy being around, while conversely, there are a few people who just sap what little energy I have on a day to day basis

I feel like I need to take steps in order to solve this issue. The biggest thing, is that I think I need to make slightly better schedules. I am actually pretty good at schedules. The second thing is I need to actually follow those schedules. This part, not so great at. Lasty, I need to accept that I may have to reduce my workload. I have a significant amount on my plate. Not all of it is mandatory, except that I make it. I think my goal for the month of February will be to write out everything I am responsible for doing, and carving out more time for myself – by which I mean rest and relaxation. I also need to take the family out more.

This writing prompt came from the EVO insights newsletter. I draw my writing prompts from a variety of sources, please feel free to use any you wish, and give credit as you want. Link backs to my blogs are always appreciated but not necessary.