About Me

Hello! My name is Chris. I am presently a Range Systems Engineer for the Dryden Aeronautical Test Range at NASA  Armstrong Flight Research Center with a B.S. in Applied Physics and just finishing an MS in Space Studies, with a concentration on Space Engineering. I am doing my research paper on sustainable human presence in space, and also have several certifications in RF engineering and modulation. I am a former US Army Sergeant, and Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I am a writer for Cerebralhack.com a site dedicated to bringing the latest in informaion in neuroscience, physics, and technology to it’s readers. I also am host for a scientific podcast known as A Dash of science, and the off and on again comedy podcast Eye on Eye on Rosamond (no that’s not a typo!). I also produce the podcast The FBI Podcast, for Ted Barrus, YouTube’s The Fire Breathing Idiot. In the past I have co-hosted the movie review podcast Reel Guru’s and the comedy podcast Truly Geeky and Totally Quantifiable.

I also am the president of the Southern Kern Aeronautics and Rocketry club, the administrator and artist for TheIronKiwi.com, owner of 5hz labs, Iron Birch Forge and Foundry, and numerous other projects  you will probably see from time to time on this site. To top it off, I am also the Chief Science Officer for the Association of Spaceflight Proffesionals, which has seen some technology in near space and even on the space station!

In addition to websites, and news articles I have had several poems published over the past decade. My true passion however is physics, and I hope that as I progress in that field I will be able to publish my fair share of research articles, hopefully to soon include my first paper as a co-author on a paper about stable magnetic levitation with superconductors and halbach arrays for use with energy flywheel storage systems for use in space!

I was an active member of my Universities Veterans Club, and held the officer role of Sergeant at Arms until my graduation in 2013. I am a strong proponent of getting veterans involved in the sciences, and continuing education. As a veteran and a Physicist, I take a hard stance against the long standing stereotype of the lack of education in the enlisted ranks of the military.

Lastly and most importantly I am a father of a wonderful 14 year old boy, Alexander, who I enjoy sharing my projects and hobbies with.