Amateure Rocketry

Madcow Rocketry’s 4in Cardboard Frenzy kit, recovered after successful Level 2 Certification launch on an Aertech 54mm J180 Aerial Acres California with SKAR club, 13 May 2018

Many may recall the thrill they had as children, launching their model rockets on their C motors. Or if you were brave enough a nice D or even E to really get those guys flying! This is just like that! Only much much bigger. These aren’t your granddad’s Estes kits! Amateur rocketry in the High Power category can go as high as S motors. That’s upwards of 655,360 Newton Seconds of Total Impulse! To put this in perspective, an Atlas V solid booster is at the high end of a U motor (If commercial rocketry used such terminology)

Current Projects:

  • Project DeathStalker
    Modification of an Estes Pro Series II Sahara kit for Night Launch
    The Deathstalker Scorpion is the most poisonous scorpion species in the world, and calls the Sahara desert home. It’s colorization is a see through neon yellow that one might imagine could glow in the dark. Seems a fitting name for the Sahara kit being modified for a night launch!
  • NARTREK Gold Achievement Level
    Design, build and fly new rocket complete with full analysis and reports.
  • High Power Rocketry Certification Level 3
    Design, Build and Launch a high powered rocket with electronics on a M or high motor

Past Achievements:

  • HPR Level 2 Certification 13 May 2018
  • NARTREK Silver Achievement Level 25 Jun 2017
  • NARTREK Bronze Achievement Level 8 Sep 2015
  • HPR Level 1 Certification 22 Aug 2015