STEM Professionals Advancing Reason and Knowledge

We aim to ignite the imagination and foster the creativity of our teens and young adults through dedicated mentoring and insightful advising in the SPARK program

-Christopher R. Birkinbine
Executive Producer, A Dash of Science

The SPARK (STEM Professionals Advancing Reason and Knowledge) Mentorship Program by A Dash of Science aims to kindle a passion for STEM in young learners. We envision SPARK as a catalyst, empowering students with critical thinking skills and deep STEM knowledge through guidance from seasoned professionals, setting them on a trajectory to become the innovators and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

It is important to remember that S.P.A.R.K is an informal mentoring program, and that the listed curriculum is just a guideline. The program is intended to be tailored to each individuals needs, as explored during the first month of the program.

Example of a potential S.P.A.R.K Curriculum

Month 1

Orientation and Exploration

During the first month of the program, Mentors and Mentees will focus on getting to know the S.P.A.R.K. program, and each other. Discussions on interests, goals and expectations will be had.

Suggested Meetings: Weekly


Discovery of Personal Interests in STEM, and Personal Growth

During the next two months, Mentees will explore their individual STEM interests with mentor guided self research to deepen understanding. Casual talks with mentors about their personal STEM journeys

Suggested Meetings: Every other week


Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

The fourth month will focus on creative thinking and problem solving. Some talks could focus around common fallacies and biases, or Misinformation Inoculation Theory

Suggested Meetings: Every other week


Technology and Digital Literacy

During the next two months, discussions will center on the impact of technology on society, exploring digital tools and resources such as coding and AI.

Suggested Meetings: Every other week


Communication, Presentation and Networking

During the next two months, talks will focus on effective communication, presentation and networking skills key to advancements in STEM

Suggested Meetings: Every other week



During the last month, time will be spent reflecting on personal growth and learning, and post-program goals.

Suggested Meetings: Every other week