NARTREK Gold Achievement Level


  1. Design your own model rocket. It may be a sport, contest or payload model. Compute the
    Center of Pressure (CP) using the Barrowman Method or calculate the CP using one of the
    available computer programs. Estimate the Center of Gravity of your model with the largest
    expected rocket motor installed. Evaluate the static stability of your model. Compute the
    predicted altitude of your design, assuming various drag coefficients (CD). You may do this
    using the Centuri Report TIR-100 or Estes TR-10 and TR-11, or you may use one of the
    commercially available or freeware programs available on the Internet.
  2. Build and fly your rocket design. Determine the altitude to which it flies by using standard
    tracking system methods or by use of an on-board altimeter. You may also use a stop-watch
    and the drop-streamer method described in Handbook of Model Rocketry, Chapter 17, by G.
    Harry Stine. Make at least three (3) flights with each of at least two (2) types of motors and
    compute the average altitude achieved for each motor type. This is a minimum of at least six
    (6) flights. Using this data and your previous flight performance calculations, estimate the
    actual drag coefficient of your model. Record the flight information and the results of your
    calculations on the Flight summary Sheet that came with your Gold packet. Be sure to
    complete the comparison of predicted to actual performance.
  3. Submit the Requirement Certification sheet completely filled out. Take a photograph of your
    model and attach it to the certification sheet. Also attach a dimensioned drawing of your
    model showing all dimensions necessary to allow someone else to build your design from this
    drawing. Attach the center of pressure calculations, flight performance calculations, and flight
    performance data for your design. Neatness and thoroughness counts. If NARTREK Base
    cannot read or decipher your work sheets and data, they will be returned to you for re-work.
    If NARTREK Base finds the data incomplete, your submission will be returned.