DoSEp020: Gene Editing Tool Doesn’t Just Make Your Lettuce CRISPR

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DoSEp020: Gene Editing Tool Doesn't Just Make Your Lettuce CRISPR

This week I chat with Dr. Carol Curchoe about biological energy, CRISPR, why Gattaca is freaking awesome – and as usual with genetics, we can’t not talk about superheroes and dinosaurs!

Episode 20

Gene Editing Tool Doesn’t Just Make Your Lettuce CRISPR

Recorded: June 10th 2018
Released: June 11th 2018
Host: Chris Birkinbine
Guest: Dr. Carol Curchoe

Links from the show:

Sea Turtles temperature sensitive genes

Risks and Riddles from Science News Magazine

Oxford Genetic Debate (Start)

Oxford Genetic Debate (Dr. Curchoe)

Dr. Curchoe Wikipedia Bio

Top 10 Crispiest CRISPR Applications that are NOT Gene Editing
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