DoSEp001: What is Science?

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A Dash of Science
DoSEp001: What is Science?

This week I talk with Steven Caputo, writer and founder of Cerebralhack about what science is, the public, how to science, and other such things.

Raw Twitch video of Episode:
A Dash of Science

Episode 001

What is Science?

Recorded: June 29th 2017
Released: July 3rd 2017
Host: Chris Birkinbine
Guest: Steven Caputo

0:00:20 Introduction
0:01:30 Segment 1 An introduction to Steven Caputo, Cyber Army, Interacting with the public and STEM vs STEAM
0:22:10 Segment 2 What science is, issues with how we deliver information, and why not to get your science from politicians
0:54:48 Segment 3 How to science, personal bias, observations, changing your perspective, and being self aware
1:17:08 Questions from listeners (Erik, Kelsey, Melissa)
1:30:36 Outro

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Music Credit: State of the Art, by Brad Sucks