Science from Kids A One Off Podfix Presents Episode by A Dash of Science

Hello everyone,

I am using this post to help collaborate with other show hosts on the Podfix Network for a one-off Dash of Science hosted show for PodFix Presents called, Science from Kids!

This show will feature kids answering questions about science. It won’t necessarily be accurate, but it will be honest, cute, and probably funny! I have a list of questions below, that can be answered, so simply read through and select at least two questions below, with recommended age ranges (you are free to use any question with any age), and record your kids answer and send it to me! You please have them answer anywhere between 2 and 5 questions, and I will use whatever bests fits the show (I will use at least two questions from each child).

Question Pool:

  • What is Gravity? (age 10-14)
  • What is a Black Hole? (age 10-14)
  • Why is the sky blue? (age 4-10)
  • How do flies walk on the ceiling? (Age 4-12)
  • Where does the moon go when we can’t see it? (Age 4-8)
  • How much does the Earth weigh? (Age 4-14)
  • How do airplanes fly? (Age 6-14)
  • Do you think aliens exist, and if so, what do they look like? (All)
  • How do bees make honey? (age 4-10)
  • What are clouds made up of? (age 4-8)
  • What shape is the Earth? (age 6-14)
  • Is a hotdog a sandwich? Why? (All)
  • How does science work? (8-14)
  • What is air made out of? (6-12)
  • Why aren’t their any more dinosaurs? What happened? (4-10)

Also, if there is a question your kid asks about science, have them do their best to answer what they think the answer is and why if applicable!