On why I will not do a Show on Climate Change, Anti-Vax or Flat Earth

Why I won’t be doing a show on antivax, flat earth, or climate change (for now):

These three issues are highly controversial with a small group of people. This doesn’t bother me in the least. I will gladly science the crap out of people who wish to engage in conversation (to a point – be gone trolls!)

I am investing ~60 minutes of air time (~90 minutes of record time + ~120 minutes of editing) to deliver information to those with a genuine interest in learning about things.

People who are anti-vaxers, flat-earthers, and anti-climate change most likely are not and will not be listening to my show. If they do, they won’t hear anything that they haven’t already been told.

So, I choose not to spend 60 minutes of your time telling you things you already know, and already agree with. That’s just a waste of both of our times.

I will endeavor to respect your time and your choice to listen to A Dash of Science by bringing you things you may not know, and can learn at least something from.

This stance may change in the future, but that is where I stand for now. This does not mean I won’t post snarky memes on the subject!