DoSEp018: Things you didn’t know you didn’t know (and some things you did!)

May 21, 2018 Christopher El Sergio 0
The Dash of Science Podcast logo: 5 small icons at the top consisting of a microscope, DNA strand, Magnet, Atom, and beaker. Under which are the words "Live. Learn. Build" in small font. The words "A Dash of Science" are written in the center in large font, with the "I" in science being represented by a test tube with bubbles coming out of it, and the word "Podcast" written at the bottom. The backgrouns is blue with light science symbols repeating, the main text is white, and a color scheme of yellow fading into blue, and solid white.
A Dash of Science
DoSEp018: Things you didn't know you didn't know (and some things you did!)

This week I dig up an old unaired episode with Conspiracy Hobbyist Derek Ruff from Bald Guy Tv. We talk about common misconceptions, facebook memes, […]